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Monday, December 7, 2009

Pi, Crop Circles, Pyramids - flipside

The letter π - the number 12, Pyramids and the Crop circle connection

In Euclidean plane geometry, π is defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter
a value truncated to 11 decimal places is accurate enough to calculate the circumference of a circle the size of the earth with a precision of a millimeter Think of the Number 12 and all the corresponding references you can think of - ponder upon this, for this is a trigger and a key to your awakening

This perhaps at first simple seeming crop circle suddenly appeared on June 1, in 2008 in South England. Apart from the fact that it has all the classical tell-tale signs of a non-hoax formation (namely bent stems, and blown nodes, as well as inflated radiation levels), when Mathematicians analysed the geometry of the circle they deduced that the crop circle accurately indicates the mathematical anomaly of the number Pi. The accuracy of the measurements are traceable up to 10 decimal points.

The Great Pyramid and Pi
It can be found (if you research these matters), that the great Pyramid is a reflection of it's counterpart in the dimension of inner Space, which is out of Time, and the peak of the Pyramid where the lines intersect is precisely where the transitional portal is represented within the dimensional vortex.
The Number Pi is indicated within the sacred geometrical structure of the Cheops Pyramid.

The ration of the Moon to the Earth is veritably related to the dimensions of the pyramid of Giza, Da Vinci's Vitruvian man, and the star of David

The Pyramid aligns with Sirius and Orion


Monday, September 14, 2009

DNA Mutations - the Grand Portal

The information in this video is a synopsis of what is happening to many of you who are sensing new abilities occurring within your psyche. Do not be alarmed, it is part of the Natural turn of Events in the prelude to the opening of the Grand Portal in 2012. Do not think that the world will be visibly turned over on that date - the mutations and changes in timespeed flow and the evolution of Man will be on an inner plane, not an outer one.

Believe in what you are feeling and stay with the feelings that arise in you. When you think of certain things they might trigger strange visions, memories or sensations, such as tingling, or seeing auras, hearing sounds or percieving beings flickering on the edge of your perceptive ability. Try to indulge in the sensations and absorb them without analysing. Focus without conceptualizing about what it is that you are experiencing, and silence the questioning monkey-mind.
This is the method for awakening the vortexes that have always been latent within you and turning the keys to the Living Library.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heartbeat of the Pyramid

Inner and outer worlds - within and without dimensional space folding exercise

Inter or extradimensional forces are ever present and function within the algorythms of Universal flow, but yet to be awakened consciousness streams such as those which the Human Race currently finds itself in are yet to become aware of, and spontaneously interact with such forces, due to the distracted nature of the Human focus of consciousness and "identity".
Once the idea of self and otherness has been diminished enough to be able to tune into the factors which are in motion both "on and off planet" - we will see that within and without are mere concepts which have no substance, and that the communication methods of the various streams of energy transmission and interactive being were always present, and we shall then naturally and spontaneously interact with those factors/forces.

Fictitious attempts at stirring our "awakening" such as the Pleiadian keys to the Living Library are mere stories which serve to stir knowledge that is already deeply embedded within our dna, which is after all the still living inheritance of the energy emissions which first transmuted into conscious evolvement at the beginning of space time (we are after all what Humans would call "stardust"). Just as you cannot erase the info completely from a hard drive, in the same way you cannot destroy the information stored in our cosmic dna structure. All knowledge is contained in every living atom (and non living). Memory is basically stored data in the Akashic record - Earth's scientists are still trying to discover the secret of dark matter, which consists of over 80 percent of the Universe. The Akashic record is housed within part of this sector of the spacetime continuum.

Some clues for the analytical minds to continue the endless series of logical analyses which will never lead to a discovery of the truth to twhat Humans like to call the "ufo enigma";

Has anyone ever wondered how USA and Nasa planned an experiment with an electromagnetic cord conductor which had something to do with spacetime continuum warping, and the fact that there was an electrified tether which "broke" releasing a satellite from the shuttle (it was not releasing a satellite, and it was meant to break.. the tether was the electromagnetic conductor and that was the experiment) - it didnt snap it was jettisoned.
Did anyone ever then wonder why a host of spinning discs appeared in the ultraviolet range, and why such objects gathered around electrical storms?

Did anyone ever wonder why there are clear signs of electromagnetism in crop circles where orbs have been seen?
Did anyone ever wonder why most authentic average crop circles have four small circles on the perimeter and one large one in the middle, and why many UFOs seem to have one sphere in the ventre of its hull and four smaller spheres at cardinal points?

Has anyone ever wondered how it would be possible to put a sphere inside a pyramid shaped structure and it would touch all fouor three sided walls and the four sided base, and that the signs of Psi power are triangle circle square and wave (sphere is the circle, square is the base of the pyramid and triangle are the sides - leaving the wave element to be deciphered)
So what is the wave element? electromagnetism?

or is it both the element of change and electromagnetism (both being one and the same).. and perhaps even the third aspect of rotation.. electromagnetism is a "flux" - flux also means change.. rotation also means change - spiral flux; change because it never repeats, being spiral in nature.

If you wish to unlock something as a key to discovery, do the following;
cut out a one foot high square card and draw concentric circles in it, then draw straight lines coming from the centre out to the four corners and then many more in intervals between those four lines color between two lines in alternating colors - red and white is good or red and green or blue. you can embellish on this by coloring spots along each of the lines alternating if you wish.. or not if you dont.

Draw the design something like the front face of this cube in the picture below;

Then stick the card on the wall with one corner facing up in a rhombus position - stare at it till your eyes water and keep focused on both the centre and be aware of the four corners of the image in the feild of vision.. do not waver or move your focus around

maybe you see rotation? three dimensional shape? maybe you see flow emerging in waves? maybe you hear something? Does the image move or change in content? Does the shape fold inwards or outwards? is it a tunnel or a pryamid? If it is a pyramid, is it seen from above or the side, or looking inwards from the base, with the peak at its epicentre?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Billy Meier ufo congress

Terrestrial activity from the friends of Pleiadians are in motion arond the planet; In preparation for the forthcoming revelations which are being prepared for Earth and it's sentient beings, many forms of introductory mind openers are being injected inthe general mindset of the Human Race. This is a preparatory move before complete disclosure.
Watch the UFO Congress featuring friends of the chosen messenger of the early Pleaiadian visitors to Earth in the 20th Century, who add their views and experiences as a testimonial

UFO Conference

Monday, August 10, 2009

Frequency Transmission

Frequency transmission for all the sons and daughters of the Watcher race to watch and absorb into the subliminal realms of mind. The keys will self awaken when the trigger incidents and events occur, in line with the predetermined plan as was designated before you incarnated in your physical bodies and allowed your chakras and the gates of remembrance to be closed. The only safe way to allow the drinking of the waters of forgetfulness to be consumed was the planting of triggers and reminder incidents in your future in order to be able to re-awaken from the slumber imposed upn the librarian race (Humanity) by the dark brotherhood as Atlantis was in Entropic Decline and succmbed to the Dark Brotherhood's powerplay.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Holy Grail - From Sirius?

Nicholas Roerich and the The Chintamani Stone
By Mark Amaru Pinkham for Four Corners Magazine

Left Picture; On seated camels, right to left: Nicholas Roerich, Vladimir Shibaev. January, 1925. Port Said, Egypt.

W ith the current massive outpouring of information regarding the fabled Holy Grail (or Grails) it is impossible to ignore what may be the very first Holy Grail on Earth, the Chintamani Stone, the “Treasure of the World.” Between 1923-1928 this stone, which first manifested on Earth many thousands of years before the Cup of Christ, was taken by the great Russian artist and mystic Nicholas Roerich into the heartland of the Far East in order to reunite it with the mother stone it had been separated from, a massive jewel that resided in Shambhala, the Land of the Immortals.

This Chintamani Stone, which is of extra-terrestrial origin, had supposedly been brought to Earth by emissaries from a planet orbiting the star Sirius and then handed over to Shambhala’s principal resident, the elusive “King of the World,” a monarch known by many mystics in the East but only by a handful of occultists in the West. In regards to its identity in the Holy Grail legends, the Chintamani Stone appears to be synonymous with the “Stone of Heaven,” the Holy Grail manifestation mentioned by Wolfram von Eschenbach in his famous Grail rendition known as Parzival, which is regarded by most Grail scholars to be the most complete and authoritative of the Grail legends. The Chintamani Stone certainly fits the profile of Eschenbach’s enigmatic Stone of Heaven because, like its literary counterpart, the Treasure of the World is said to possess both the power to make a human immortal, as well as to have come to Earth from “Heaven” (Sirius), a truth that is supposedly engraved upon it as Sanscrit letters that Roerich once translated as “Through the Stars I come. I bring the chalice (Grail) covered with the shield.” Like Eschenbach’s stone the Chintamani Stone is, apparently, also green in color, since Roerich is on record as also stating that the Chintamani Stone is similar in appearance to a species of meteorite known as Moldavite, which is dark green in color. If the Chintamani Stone is indeed Eschenbach’s Stone of Heaven could it also be the original Philosophers Stone, which legends assert could turn a base metal into gold and a human into an immortal deity? Could it be the original Holy Grail, the one that was later emulated by all Holy Grails, including the Cup of Christ and the wood of the True Cross? With so much evidence in its support of its power and existence, it does indeed appear that the study of the Chintamani Stone should warrant special consideration in any contemporary Holy Grail research.

The Nature and Purpose of the Chintamani Stone
Information is scant concerning the Chintamani Stone, but supposedly the extra-terrestrial stone is stronger than penetrating Radium and its dynamic rays can instantly increase a person’s own vibratory frequency while bestowing upon him or her the ability to see into the past and future, evolve into an immortal human being, or even secure world dominion. It has also been suggested that the stone can never be adequately tested scientifically because much of it exists in a higher dimensional frequency than the one we exist within.
Other pertinent data regarding the Chintamani Stone maintains that it was brought to Earth by Sirian missionaries during a remote era in order to eventually help precipitate a one-world civilization based upon mutual support, love, and equality. In order to effectuate this lofty goal, the Sirians are believed to have, throughout history, made sure that the stone remained in the possession of certain planetary rulers or organizations that have been in the position of influencing the world on a grand scale. Since its arrival on Earth, the Chintamani Stone has, for example, been in the possession of he who is the supreme consciousness governing all of the world from an etheric plane, the King of the World, while parts of it have been in the possession of such acclaimed conquerors and empire builders as King Solomon, Genghis Khan and Akbar the Great. There is some indication that one part of the stone has been the sacred stone of the Kaaba, which has united millions of Moslems around the globe. In recent history it is known that a portion of the Chintamani Stone was given to the founders of the League of Nations, whose stated goals were the creation of a one-world civilization free of hate and war. This was the stone that Nicholas Roerich carried back to Shambhala following the collapse of that international organization.
One burning question remains in regards to the current whereabouts of the Chintamani Stone. Did Roerich complete his journey to Shambhala? Is the sacred stone back in the Land of the Immortals? Most historians agree that Roerich did not technically reach Shambhala but instead arrived in a Tibetan location which is intimately connected to it. One such location is Shigatse, home of the Tashilumpo Monastery and headquarters of the Panchen Lama, one of the ruling lamas of Tibet who is sometimes referred to as higher in the planetary spiritual hierarchy than even the Dalai Lama himself. Legends state that there are many underground tunnels connecting the Tashilumpo Monastery with Shambhala, and it is an accepted truth that certain incumbent Panchen Lamas have physically traveled there over the course of many hundreds of years. The Third Panchen Lama even wrote a book, called Road to Shambhala, within which he outlined directions on how to travel overland to Shambhala. Another salient connection that forever links the Panchen Lama, Shigatze and Shambhala is the Kalachakra Tantra, an intensive form of Tantric Buddhism taught and practiced in both places.
During the time that Roerich would have visited Shigatse the holy Tibetan city was a world headquarters of the Great White Brotherhood and swarming with Ascended Masters, such as Master Koothumi and Master Morya, an adept who taught Nicholas and his wife, Helena, the path of Agni Yoga, an alchemical path based upon the teachings of the Kalachakra. Previous to Roerich’s visit in Tibet Madam Blavatsky had similarly made an excursion to Shigatse to study with the Great White Brotherhood and to acquire information for her tomes on esoteric history, which include Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. One of Blavatsky’s students, Alice Bailey, is noted for having later received numerous transmissions regarding Shambhala and the King of the World from the Master Djwhal Khul, who was a resident of Shigatse at the time.
From Sirius?
Could the Chintamani Stone have really come from Sirius? Did humans have contact with the Sirians in the distant past? Perhaps. In the last century anthropologists in Mali discovered that some of the African country’s tribes, such as the Dogon and Bozo tribes, claimed to have once had visitations from Sirian missionaries who acted as their teachers. To prove their claims these tribes revealed some of the obscure information transmitted to them from their mentors, which included a knowledge of the Sirian grouping of three stars, as well as a knowledge of the moons surrounding certain distant planets in our Solar System. Such information could only be acquired through observation with very high-powered telescopes, a luxury these primitive tribes were never in the position to possess.
Robert Temple, author of The Sirius Mystery, which records the history of the Dogon people and their encounters with the Sirians, found another possible Earth link with Sirius soon after his book was published. Members of Freemasonry, who had long known of Sirius as the Great White Lodge in the Galaxy and commonly depicted it in their lodges as the Blazing Star, contacted Temple and invited him to become an initiate of their organization. Although Temple could not subsequently find explicit indications that Freemasonry had been in direct contact with Sirian missionaries in the past, he did find intriguing clues connecting them to the star Sirius, including the eye within the triangle symbol which currently surmounts the pyramid on the US seal. This triangle, an ancient Freemasonic symbol, depicts the Grand Architect of the Universe and is closely associated with what the Dogon refer to as the “Eye” of the universe, the dwarf star Digitaria, that is part of the trinitized Sirian grouping of stars and recognized by the tribe as the Creator of the Universe. The US seal eventually became featured on the back of the US dollar bill during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt, who was himself a high-ranking Freemason and Shriner, and before that it was the symbol of the eighteenth century Illuminati, who sought to achieve the Sirian goal of a one-world civilization although it is believed they did so with less than purely altruistic intentions. Temple also discovered another clue indicating a close connection between the Freemasons and Sirius: the day of US independence by the Freemasonic fathers, July 4th, is one of the days of the year when our Sun is in its closest alignment with Sirius.
The Return of the Chintamani Stone
When Nicholas Roerich was touring Tibet and Mongolia he constantly heard cries among the Buddhist monks of “It is the time of Shambhala!” According to the monks the King of the World would soon sweep down from Shambhala with a huge army to destroy all evil upon the Earth before declaring himself our planet’s eternal ruler. Supporting his inevitable rule was destined to be the Chintamani Stone, which currently resides in the King’s Tower in the very center of Shambhala.
Roerich and his mentors within the Great White Brotherhood and the Theosophical Society founded by Madam Blavatsky maintain that the army of the King of the World is, in truth, a power emanating from Shambhala that continually raises the frequency of our planet. It was, for example, this power that fueled WWII and, ultimately, led to the fall of the Third Reich, even after the Nazis attempted to harness it for their own self-serving purposes. Eventually this transformative power will destroy all energetic blockages that exist at a lower frequency than itself (i.e., negativity, greed, control, etc.) while simultaneously accelerating the evolution of all life forms on Earth. Once it has completed its pre-destined goal, state the Theosophists, a planetary civilization based upon love and equality will finally emerge. Perhaps then the King of the World and his Chintamani Stone will make their presence known universally to all.

More on Cintamani Stone;

Cintamani (also spelled as Chintamani or called the Chintamani Stone) is a wish-fulfilling jewel within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. In Buddhism it is held by the bodhisattvas, Avalokiteshvara and Ksitigarbha. It is also seen carried upon the back of the Lung ta (wind horse). Within Hinduism it is connected with the gods, Vishnu and Ganesha.

By reciting the Dharani of Cintamani, Buddhist tradition maintains that one attains the Wisdom of Buddha, able to understand the truth of the Buddha, and turn afflictions into Bodhi. It is said to allow one to see the Holy Retinue of Amitabha and assembly upon one's deathbed.

The Cintamani is said to be one of four relics that came in a chest that fell from the sky (many terma fell from the sky in caskets) during the reign of king Lha Thothori Nyantsen of Tibet.[citation needed] The king however did not understand the purpose of the objects, however he kept them in reverence. Several years later, two mysterious strangers appeared at the court of the king explaining the four relics amongst which include the Buddha's bowl (possibly a Singing Bowl) and a Charmstone (jewel, crystal or gem) with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra inscribed on it, known as a mani stone. These few objects were the bringers of the Dharma to Tibet. Importantly, we now know that crystals are resonant substances and resonance is key to the Mantrayana, and the Mantrayana was the first stream of the Buddhadharma to fall from the sky into the court of Thothori Nyantsen.

The mani-jewel is translated with Chinese ruyi as ruyizhu 如意珠 "as-one-wishes jewel" or ruyibaozhu 如意寶珠 "as-one-wishes precious jewel", and as Japanese nyoi-shu 如意珠 or nyoi-hōju 如意寶珠. The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism's ruyizhu entry says.

A mani-jewel; magical jewel, which manifests whatever one wishes for (Skt. mani, cintā-mani, cintāmani-ratna). According to one's desires, treasures, clothing and food can be manifested, while sickness and suffering can be removed, water can be purified, etc. It is a metaphor for the teachings and virtues of the Buddha. … Said to be obtained from the dragon-king of the sea, or the head of the great fish, Makara, or the relics of a Buddha.



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