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Monday, September 14, 2009

DNA Mutations - the Grand Portal

The information in this video is a synopsis of what is happening to many of you who are sensing new abilities occurring within your psyche. Do not be alarmed, it is part of the Natural turn of Events in the prelude to the opening of the Grand Portal in 2012. Do not think that the world will be visibly turned over on that date - the mutations and changes in timespeed flow and the evolution of Man will be on an inner plane, not an outer one.

Believe in what you are feeling and stay with the feelings that arise in you. When you think of certain things they might trigger strange visions, memories or sensations, such as tingling, or seeing auras, hearing sounds or percieving beings flickering on the edge of your perceptive ability. Try to indulge in the sensations and absorb them without analysing. Focus without conceptualizing about what it is that you are experiencing, and silence the questioning monkey-mind.
This is the method for awakening the vortexes that have always been latent within you and turning the keys to the Living Library.

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