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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heartbeat of the Pyramid

Inner and outer worlds - within and without dimensional space folding exercise

Inter or extradimensional forces are ever present and function within the algorythms of Universal flow, but yet to be awakened consciousness streams such as those which the Human Race currently finds itself in are yet to become aware of, and spontaneously interact with such forces, due to the distracted nature of the Human focus of consciousness and "identity".
Once the idea of self and otherness has been diminished enough to be able to tune into the factors which are in motion both "on and off planet" - we will see that within and without are mere concepts which have no substance, and that the communication methods of the various streams of energy transmission and interactive being were always present, and we shall then naturally and spontaneously interact with those factors/forces.

Fictitious attempts at stirring our "awakening" such as the Pleiadian keys to the Living Library are mere stories which serve to stir knowledge that is already deeply embedded within our dna, which is after all the still living inheritance of the energy emissions which first transmuted into conscious evolvement at the beginning of space time (we are after all what Humans would call "stardust"). Just as you cannot erase the info completely from a hard drive, in the same way you cannot destroy the information stored in our cosmic dna structure. All knowledge is contained in every living atom (and non living). Memory is basically stored data in the Akashic record - Earth's scientists are still trying to discover the secret of dark matter, which consists of over 80 percent of the Universe. The Akashic record is housed within part of this sector of the spacetime continuum.

Some clues for the analytical minds to continue the endless series of logical analyses which will never lead to a discovery of the truth to twhat Humans like to call the "ufo enigma";

Has anyone ever wondered how USA and Nasa planned an experiment with an electromagnetic cord conductor which had something to do with spacetime continuum warping, and the fact that there was an electrified tether which "broke" releasing a satellite from the shuttle (it was not releasing a satellite, and it was meant to break.. the tether was the electromagnetic conductor and that was the experiment) - it didnt snap it was jettisoned.
Did anyone ever then wonder why a host of spinning discs appeared in the ultraviolet range, and why such objects gathered around electrical storms?

Did anyone ever wonder why there are clear signs of electromagnetism in crop circles where orbs have been seen?
Did anyone ever wonder why most authentic average crop circles have four small circles on the perimeter and one large one in the middle, and why many UFOs seem to have one sphere in the ventre of its hull and four smaller spheres at cardinal points?

Has anyone ever wondered how it would be possible to put a sphere inside a pyramid shaped structure and it would touch all fouor three sided walls and the four sided base, and that the signs of Psi power are triangle circle square and wave (sphere is the circle, square is the base of the pyramid and triangle are the sides - leaving the wave element to be deciphered)
So what is the wave element? electromagnetism?

or is it both the element of change and electromagnetism (both being one and the same).. and perhaps even the third aspect of rotation.. electromagnetism is a "flux" - flux also means change.. rotation also means change - spiral flux; change because it never repeats, being spiral in nature.

If you wish to unlock something as a key to discovery, do the following;
cut out a one foot high square card and draw concentric circles in it, then draw straight lines coming from the centre out to the four corners and then many more in intervals between those four lines color between two lines in alternating colors - red and white is good or red and green or blue. you can embellish on this by coloring spots along each of the lines alternating if you wish.. or not if you dont.

Draw the design something like the front face of this cube in the picture below;

Then stick the card on the wall with one corner facing up in a rhombus position - stare at it till your eyes water and keep focused on both the centre and be aware of the four corners of the image in the feild of vision.. do not waver or move your focus around

maybe you see rotation? three dimensional shape? maybe you see flow emerging in waves? maybe you hear something? Does the image move or change in content? Does the shape fold inwards or outwards? is it a tunnel or a pryamid? If it is a pyramid, is it seen from above or the side, or looking inwards from the base, with the peak at its epicentre?

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